FTTH Indoor Optical Fiber Cable

February 12, 2019

The indoor optical cable is a fiber optic cable laid in a building, and is mainly used for communication equipment, computers, switches, and end user equipment in buildings in order to pass information. The indoor optical cable is classified according to the environment in which the optical cable is used, and the outdoor optical cable is opposed to the optical cable.

The fiber in the cable has single mode fiber, multimode fiber, dispersion shifted fiber and partial fiber, and plastic fiber can also be used.

The indoor cable has a low tensile strength and a poor protective jacket, but it is also lighter and more economical. Indoor fiber optic cables are primarily suitable for wiring within buildings and for connections between network devices.

As the name suggests, indoor optical cable is generally suitable for indoor optical cable. it is generally divided into indoor tight sleeve and breakout cable. Because it is used indoors, it does not need to have a waterproof structure, so the softness is better and the bending performance is high. 

Zhengzhou Weunion Communication Technology. Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Weunion Communication Technology. Co., Ltd.


Multi choice for SM and MM fiber

Aramid yarn for strong tensile strength,

Flexible, soft, easy to splice and install,

Applicable for pigtail, patchcord assembly,

Cable jacket material options: PVC, LSZH, TPU