FTTH Armored Optic Fiber Cable

February 12, 2019

Armored fiber optic cable is wrapped in a protective "armor" on the outside of the fiber, mainly used to meet the requirements of customers to prevent rat bites and moisture.

The armored cable can be made into an armored patchcord. Generally, the armored patchcord has a layer of metal enamel inside the outer skin, so that the inner core is protected, it has a strong anti-stretching function, and can prevent rat bites and insects. Armored cable are divided into indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Armored Cable: 

FTTH Armored Optic Fiber Cable

Indoor Armored Cable is divided into simplex and duplex. The simplex structure is:

Fiber + Tube + Kevlar+ Jacket, According to different functions, there are various jacket options: PVC, LSZH, TPU

Outdoor Armored Cable:

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Outdoor Armored Cable is divided into light and heavy. The light armored cable have steel strips and aluminum strips that act to strengthen and prevent rodent bites. The heavy armored cable are wrapped around a wire, it is generally used in riverbeds and underseas.